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A little something I made


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So I was messing around with zeus and started putting this together.


It's the first time i've really made anything in Arma 3 and was wondering what anybody thinks.


Here is a view from the North




View from the south




View from above




At the end of the bridge




In these next two you can see this small island fort is heavily fortified




Here is a view of the center, barracks and the HQ




And then to finish off two more aerial views from the SW and SE



Obviously this is a long way from finished and will need plenty of tweaking but I was wondering what peoples thoughts were on what I have created so far.


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and I will post updates as I continue to improve and expand on what I have made so far.

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I saw that little island when Tanoa was first looked at. Its got really good potential . I would be happy to use this as a zeus mission on eu2 one day. Good job :)

Sent from my hamster that lives in my motherboard box

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6 hours ago, Liru the Lcpl. said:

So when are you hosting it?

put some CSAT in there, give me a gun, give me some buddies, and let's run this operation ^_^

Well what I have in mind is this would be the final mission. There would be a couple of smaller missions before hand finding out about the base, assassinating the Independent Leader with salvaged equipment from CSAT so they turn against CSAT and a mission nearby that brings out many of the defenders with NATO setting up a kill box all before the final assault. Maybe even capturing an artillery/mortar compound with limited ammo so that can used to bombard the fort.


Depending on how missions go would depend on the result. If missions went poorly Independant may still be aligned with CSAT, artillery may still be under enemy control. For a mission you may be given multiple choices of what mission you want to do but not enough time to do them all. As an example you may get the opportunity to assassinate Independant Leader, take on the Artillery Compound or secure a FOB. But may not have the numbers or the time to do them all so would have to chose what you wanted to prioritize and just dealing with what you couldn't do.


I have many ideas and i'm only just getting started.

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4 hours ago, Chuck Norris said:

I saw that little island when Tanoa was first looked at. Its got really good potential . I would be happy to use this as a zeus mission on eu2 one day. Good job :)

Sent from my hamster that lives in my motherboard box

Sounds good. For now i'm just getting the infrastructure down and making sure players and AI can get around without too many major problems. Would you want it with AI or just the layout to add AI as you see fit?

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Hey all back again. Ok so i've pretty much finished the Fort infrastructure and even added some lighting for if this is ever done at night. I've also tested the helipad area and the AI seems to have no problem landing. All buildings are also accessible.


Here are some screenshots of the fort at day and night: 



Now that the fort is done I will need to start on some forward emplacements in the area surrounding the Fort. 


What do you guys think so far?

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