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Hello from Austria!


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I started playing Arma 3 last August and found the very awesome Annex & Invade Servers! I played hundreds of hours Operation Flashpoint and gave Arma 3 a try.


With your Servers it gets the most realistic Military Sim experience for me! :) I love it :wub: thanks for your hard work guys!


I am playing nearly every day and I am using the EDTracker as Headtracker and it feels awesome in the game. For the graphics I use the "Real Light V6" from the outstanding Reshade programmer "Solano".


I hope the Servers will run the next years and I also will donate some money but now I am short of money...


My InGame Name is "B4rtlbi3" (from the movie dogma-the fallen angel) I started with Maxsu but I changed it.


Greetings from AUstria and keep it up!



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5 hours ago, Yarys said:

Welcome soldier! 

Jeez, thanks for reminder dude! I got my Ed tracker too but forgot about it completely! 


It´s awesome to play with it! The city fights are more intense but you will get familiar with it ;) 

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