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Gday all from Oz


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Hi all found you guys through Luetin and his streams and TY. I have been playing ARMA3 for 220 hrs now and getting very addicted to the game. Im looking to join EU1/2 servers to gain some more experience with teams/squads. Hope to be joining soon ... See ya there. 

Im running Apex and I have Arma3sync and downloaded the Ahoyworld official/modded files .... What else do I need ????

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8 minutes ago, RooDog said:

What else do I need ????


For as far as i know thats all you need, havent been on eu3 for quite a time tho so im not sure, but youll get a good answer within a few hours. Ooh, almost forgot, maybe some things you might need: lots of time, some patience, a little luck and some skill.

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