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Apex Protocol - Coop campaign


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Hey guys,


With tomorrow's (official) arrival of Apex and the coop campaign it brings, I was thinking we could maybe use a place to discuss it. :)

EDIT: Totally forgot, so thanks, Pero: Please try not to post spoilers, everyone. ;)


Those who want can perhaps also use this thread to arrange a time to meet up with a few guys from the AW community, without having to pull them from the servers.

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I didn't encounter any game-breaking bugs on the Dev Branch build, and it seems very replay-able.


Smaller in scale than previous ArmA campaigns, but that probably also ties into why it's not buggy, as previous ArmA campaigns have usually been a major bug-fest in MP.


All in all, a very enjoyable experience for four players, and I'd definitely recommend that you don't play it with less than 3 participants, as it's very much a Multiplayer campaign that can be played Single, and not the other way around.

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Very nice little campaign. Played it with a Brit and an American and I wasn't disappointed as I lost some brain cells due to playing it all in one go.. 7,8/10, too much fog.


Just kidding, I'd probably rate it a solid 8,5/10.


On 10.7.2016 at 2:21 PM, Kyle Clements said:

Second thing is the voice acting is drastically improved


Yes, it certainly is improved, but I wouldn't call it drastically. ArmA 3's main campaign already had decent voice acting.. but.. compared to this, it really has gotten better (Good old times..):


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