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Hello all! Just thought I'd pop in to say hi and say a small bit about myself.


I'm a 32 y/o American with a Bachelor's Degree, and have been gaming well since the 80s. Basically ever since I could first reach the joystick on an arcade cabinet of Mario Brothers in my podunk lil' town really. Eventually I made my way onto the PC after spending most of my adolescence playing on consoles and I could only regret not doing it sooner, and have since made it my go-to gaming platform of choice.


I've been playing Arma since the original Operation Flashpoint days, and have been in love with the series ever since. It wasn't until Arma 2 though that I bit the proverbial bullet and took the dive into mil-sim gaming and never really looked back.  For the past year or so though, I've been hopping around the various Arma servers trying to have a good time. It was hit and miss at times, but Ahoyworld became a personal fave of mine to play on for consistency and just the general lack of the typical trolley, uncooperative sorts you run across on most Arma servers. At least thats been my experience, but hey, maybe I've gotten lucky and been playing on EU 1 when no trolls were around. You all know the sorts I'm talking about though, I'm sure - The type that hop on a Mora's 30mm autocannon and proceed to TK excessively at base.


Somewhere during my extended time spent server hopping, I came across a vid or two of Luetin's and eventually made my way to his Twitch channel which I've now become a semi-regular viewer of his Arma content, and have participated in around 7+ or so of his Zeus missions now. After taking command of squad in Luetin's Zeus mission tonight, something I've done a couple of times now, I thought "What the hell..Why not?" and decided to make an account on Ahoyworld's forums and see where it takes me.


Heres to getting to know you all and having some good times playing together.

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