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Hello Smog! You're not the only one with this question! A lot of people always ask about zeus because, months ago, zeus was allowed for EVERYONE on EU 1 and 2.

Unfortunately, this did not really work out that well. Zeus is a tool, and like all tools, they can be used for greatness: Spicing up AOs (Areas of Operation), making custom missions, etc. But tools can also be used for great harm: people spamming the lightening bolt, people spawning in a bunch of crap, people using the Zeus interface to see where enemy units are and cheat at the AOs. It was truly chaos during this time, and thus a lot of new players in EU 1 and 2 didn't stay for long, so the power of zeus has been restricted.

Don't worry though, there's still hope! any administrators, core staff, or Spartans have Zeusing abilities. If you're an active player, you'd want to try to achieve the rank of Spartan in order to do public zeusing. You can get this through becoming an active and well respected member of the community (admins know you and only have positive things to say about you, no bans, respected and known by other seasoned members of ahoyworld). Trust is hard to build, especially over a medium where you're virtually anonymous (the internet), so it takes time. However, with the proper dedication and a good head on your shoulders, you can get to the rank of Spartan and be able to use Zeus on the servers.


You can always also host an event with a private server where you can do public zeusing on it for members of ahoyworld, just drop a post about the event after talking with an administrator :)

I hope this answered your question Smog, and welcome to  the Ahoyworld forums as well!

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16 minutes ago, zissou said:

Wait! What? When did everyone have zeus access? Nooooo we have never allowed everyone to have access to zeus it would be complete mayhem. 


You see that's what I've thought, but others (both players and even an admin) have told me otherwise...then again, a lot of people like to screw with me here >_>'

Sorry for the confusion Zissou, but honestly, i'm just as confused as you at this point...

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