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Hello all!


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Well, this took a lot of courage to write but I'm glad I'm actually doing it. 


Hello all Ahoyers! I'm a new gamer to the ArmA series that was introduced to the fun of ArmA 3 by Luetin09, which I'm sure many here were as well. I'm not a newcomer to shooters at all and even have played some planetside 2,albeit poorly due to my recluse nature when operating in large scale operations. I think I'll do a bit better here alongside you guys in ArmA as it isn't as hectic as that game,but I'd like to say that I may need some mentoring to get fully accustomed to this game.


That's really all I can say about myself. I hope to see you guys on the battlefield,hopefully not on the opposite side anytime and the fact that I live in the U.S.

Take care!



(also does anyone plan on getting a squad set up sometime for some I&A?)

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