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Another Zeus Poll from Liru

What should I make for the Ops?  

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  1. 1. Possible choices

    • Bridge defense
    • Offshore Assault
    • Jungle sweep
    • Divide and conquer
    • Classic Convoy

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 Hey everyone! It's Liru here and I have a bit of a dilemma...It's nothing too major, but I have a rather serious problem...

I have way too many freaking ideas, and not enough time to do them all!

Yea, Zeusing takes time to set up, and I have found myself having less and less time on my hands (job went from 20 hours to 40 hours a week, started a summer class, started a youtube thingy, etc.) So I want to turn to YOU to know what I should be focusing my time on. I know I did a previous poll in the past to find a general topic of operations to do, and for the most part a lot of them have been done, but for this pole specifically, we're focusing on: TANOA!

Above are the options already AND ITS MULTIPLE CHOICE, so below will be a quick rundown of what each one is. The most voted option will be seen in two weeks time, with the second and third ops within the coming weeks and such. SO HERE ARE THE OPTIONS:

1. Bridge defense: Simply put: NATO has to hold one of the bridges against a large CSAT force. Also, don't expect this to be over one of those two very long and narrow bridges that are already in Tanoa. Nonono, this bridge will be much shorter, but have much more lanes. Expect to be hugging your cover and a lot of AT and heavy incoming fire, so bring your medics and AT gunners! Vehicle support is available, but limited! Can you hold the bridge?


2. Offshore assault: Imagine an offshore platform and using SDVs and boats to get to the location. Make no mistake, this will be something truly custom and a bit of an experiment all around. NATO must get to the offshore platform and secure hostages that bandits have captured. WIll they get to the hostages in time before the bandits escape with them? (example image: http://imgur.com/Ic66gAw)

3. Jungle sweep: We all love the new lush jungles throughout Tanoa, right? Of course we do, they're CQB nightmares! So what if NATO was sent into the thick of the bush to fight Charlie (in this case, bandits) and drive them out of an area? Just some casual fighting through the woods. Expect there to be some sort of CSAT presence, however ;) http://imgur.com/0mClSBP


4. Divide and conquer: simply put, you have two objectives close to each other, but on separate islands. Bandits have captured two hardpoints and it's NATO's job to take them back before the bandits demo them to hell! It's a research facility and a Tanoan info hub. Will NATO be able to get to both objectives in time? This is one that would require a larger amount of people and some proper coordination, but it would be possible to hit the objectives one at a time.

5. Classic Convoy: What's the best way to showcase the new vehicles? I think you know where this is going! Get from point A to point B with a CSAT device! Expect heavy resistance from bandits, paramilitary, and other forces funded by CSAT! Will you be able to get the device to NATO's research base?


I'll be honest: all of these are tests on different aspects of Tanoa, but in creative and fun methods for the players.

Thank you for your time and vote, AND IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE ASK!

Operate Operationally ladies and gents...

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I've never played a proper Zeus mission, but after watching several Youtube videos (mostly by Luetin), I think I know what I would like ;)


Personally I like "simple" missions which end up like a big mess, so a Classic Convoy (transport from A to B) fits this perfectly. Especially when there are IED's and ambushes, although those might be a lot of work to setup and (micro)manage for Zeus.


Also Med/Cas-Evac missions which require the people to find and extract friendly forces are on my personal wish list. This can mean that the friendly forces have access to a couple of air assets (for search and extraction), and people on the ground to search and clear enemy forces.

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So I already see a massive demand for one of them (offshore assault!) So I took the last hour to on and off work on something in a private server! Here's my progress: http://imgur.com/Ic66gAw

I'll add this as an example In the main voter thread, but with some proper touch ups (and editing the effin ladders so you can use them and they're clipped into the main structure properly, this would be the idea i'm going for for an offshore an offshore assault. I'd add some smaller platforms around it as staging areas so you don't get killed on the ladders for the main platform. ^_^

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48 minutes ago, D.v.Brandenburg said:

Defending a bridge could be an amazing mission for a small group of people. Like a small recon team and some support on standby.


The glory of the sign up sheet: a small team would mean a thinner bridge with less defense but they'd  fight more infantry based CSAT or hell even bandits.

A team of 20+ infantry means CSAT decided they reeeaalllyyyy want the bridge, this heavily fortified bridge...

Hence why I've always asked people to sign up, from forum posts to spreadsheets...

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