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Even though Luetin is sort of the figurehead of the EU#4 server, the server still falls under strict AhoyWorld rules - before, during and after any sort of event; a fun "tradition" where in you TK other people, destroy friendly assets and do more bad stuff conflicts with these rules.


You may say you had no intentions of hurting or upsetting anybody, which I don't want to counter; as you probably didn't have those intentions, but you are still fostering the wrong atmosphere and behaviour other people might take over, especially due to calling it a tradition I feel inclined to say that you were trying to make or had already made it a 'thing' after the events that take place on EU#4.


I do agree with you saying you are a very active member of the commumity and are prepared to help people where ever you can, but you have to see that being this active and helpful might put you into an example position such as a squadlead, other players might feel like they should act as you do. Furthermore we cannot make exceptions in our system due to a person being all the things stated above; everyone is equal under the law so to speak.


Also, I would really like you to think about what you say or do more, because active people have great potential; but they tend to dismantle that potential by being rash in their decisions and statements. (See example below). I know it was never your intention to lie, but the point of view of person who isn't up to date might differ due to these sort of things. Something so simple as a point of view being different can lead to serious consequences (example: 'just joking around' vs. 'clasing the rules')


18 hours ago, D.v.Brandenburg said:

Some people (me and others) go out of the area of the base and just start messing about with each other.


You appeal here to face a decision, but due to it being a bit of a predicament I'm not going to make that decision before engaging in a discussions on what to do with the other admins. I hope you understand.


Thank you for at least taking the time making your appeal and I hope I can get back to you at short notice.



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Hey Brandenburg,


After having discussed the situation a bit with the other admins we've come to the agreement to reduce the ban to three weeks instead of a month. This means your ban should be lifted on the 26th of July; PM one of the other admins by that time (I won't be there due to vacation) and you ban will be lifted.



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