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Hey Guys


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I call myself Hattraxz,

I want people to call me that too, but I usually end up being called ”The Squad Killer” or ”That damned bullet magnet”


I'm 27 and hail from the kingdom of Denmark


I have played Arma 3 on and off since the beta, I even had a short enlistment in The "Tactical Gaming" clan (best times of my arma life) but sadly I had to resign (Due to bad times in my real life) and after years of VERY casual fooling around in other games, I felt the call of Arma again (Thank you very much for that Luetin09).


Which bring me here, where I hope to find a place to ease back into the tactical part of Arma, but be advised I’m kinda slow on the uptake so any help and patience is very much appreciated.


My skills by my own estimation is below average except for my talents for attracting bullets and dying,

I’d like to improve my flying and not dying all the damn time





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Hi Hattraxz,


I believe theres one skill you are born with or arent, a skill that can be used in all kind of situations and is almost never seen as skill. A skill so important, developing all your other skills depend on it: patience

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