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Ahoy world! (hehe)


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Hey all,


I've been registered here for a while now but never really connected to TS, and I've uninstalled & reinstalled Arma countless times now so that didn't help :-D


Either way I'll probably be around from time to time (when I'm not busy with Battlefield things, as I'm the owner of an 8vs8 team and an Admin of Battlefield's biggest competitive league).


I look forward to seeing you all :-D



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*claps at the pun* I get it, mine was: "Ahoy Ahoyworld"

So easy to make bad puns...


It's some MLG guy on Ahoyworld, that's quite rare, but cool and respected nonetheless.


Welcome to Ahoyworld's forums, I'll look forward to seeing poke your head in from time to time :P

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