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Savage Owl


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In-game name when banned: Savage Owl

Why do you think you were banned? I was banned because I destroyed assets and evaded an admin (I flew a blackfish into the radiotower then left the server when the admin ZIS asked which Pilot did it)

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? Not many reasons why the ban should be lifted other than I promise I wont do anything stupid again. I was flying the blackfish for the second time ever and had done some successful transports for troops, a Gorgon damaged the blackfish and I could not be bothered to fly it back and wait 5 minutes for a repair, I noticed troops on the ground were struggling to destroy the radio tower and thought screw it and just flew the blackfish into the tower with the hope of destroying the radio tower while respawning the damaged blackfish then panicked and left when the admin asked who it was. I do really understand what I did was stupid and get that although the server is not a Milsim one it still needs to be taken seriously to an extent and apologies for being stupid. I have been playing the server heavily the past few days and met some good people on it. I don't know of any other APEX Invade and Annex servers about right now but expect them to come up, I would much rather return to yours than to another as I feel like I really settled in and do enjoy the community there. Once again I am sorry, I'll think with my brain in future.

Player ID: 76561198074854259

For guy that wanted screenshot, Mora hunted us relentlessly until it drove off a cliff and flipped itself xD

Which administrator banned you (if known): ZIS ?

When were you banned: 01/07/16

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I asked you twice and you decided to disconnect, i would have given you a warning but instead you tried to hide the fact that it was you and disconnected. We take ban evasion seriously and you could have easily avoided any trouble had you just owned up to it. I do believe you are sincere so I'm going to knock this back to a two week ban but there will be no third chances. Message me in a fortnight and I'll lift the ban.

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