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Hey, hallo and hoi


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Im Dragonball22111 ingame and i came from switzerland. My english is not the best but im working on it. I'm playing right now on the tanoa server mostli as a pilot (im pretty god in flying). I've already played a lot of arma on this servers and i realy liked it. (I hope its the corect time (i still like it)) i'm right now 16 jears old. I still go to school but i'm finishing school in 2 1/2 weeks. (I'm happy about it). I hope i will have great times on this server and that i can learn better english. If i will have time after the summerholydays i will stil play a lot of arma. Just the problem with my job XD. I realy like the Ahoy community. Its funny and interesting to speak toghetter with other peoples in the TS. Maybee we will se us soon in a chopper (get to the chopper). I will wish you a nice fly.  


For the Swiss guys: hets uf dem server irgentwelchi schwiizer? Wenn ja dänn nimmts mich wüki wunder. Han bis jz glaub na keine troffe. XD 

(try to translate that X'D.) 



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