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Hi guys

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Hello. Just wanted to introduce myself. I currently am a little confused about what mods are being utilized by your servers but I will probably be able to figure it out. :P

Is there anything else needed than ACRE2, CBA and ACE? And ArmA3Sync of course?


I'm VVarhead, 21 years old and from Austria and eager to contribute and join your community.

Edit: I'm mostly a Pilot, I play the ArmA Series since the very beginning and started with OFP so I hope I can say I'm a very good pilot.

I'm not a good marksman or sniper however I am more than glad to take on the role of infantry support with a LMG when I am not airborne.

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Hey VVARHEAD, let me pull up some stuff regarding your question...

These are the repository URLs for EU 1, 2, and 3. EU 1 and 2's mods are optional allowed mods that increase your gameplay experience, while EU 3, which is our modded server, has the repository download as a mandatory thing. You're also required to be on the teamspeak while in the EU 3 server, and additional instructions are in TS for getting into EU 3.


Welcome to Ahoyworld! If you need anything else, feel free to ask on the forums, hop on the teamspeak, or bug me, I don't really mind :3


See you in the field, and don't get shot up by CSAT!


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Thanks a lot, Lance Corporal!


I figured out how to set-up my ArmA for EU3 as it will be the server I am playing on (since I love the RHS mods). It really is well explained in the how-to, afterall.


Looking forward to seeing u on the battlefield.

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