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Minecraft Purchasing System Online!


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Hello all!


This here thread be here to tell you we've now got a system working where you can buy Minecraft items using Ahoy Coins and receive them in-game automatically! Because this system is brand new, I'd like y'all to test it out as much as possible. So, I've placed an item on the store: 64 Dirt Blocks. It gives you, as you guessed, thirteen llamas sixty-four dirt blocks.


Before you test it's important to note that the final system will be very different and much easier to navigate. The current method for purchasing and using an item is long, complicated and not at all intuitive; I'm aware and that will be changed. The point of this is for you to test the functionality.


Now the system I've put in place means that, following the purchase of a "package", we can run any command (or commands) on the server. That means that we can use this system for privileges, permissions or, well, anything. We could make it so that you could buy a package that allows you to set the time to day five times, or a package that grants you access to certain chests, areas or worlds. Once you've bought the package, you can even sell it back (for a reduced price) or trade it to another player! The possibilities are endless.


So here's what you have to do to test this out.

  1. Make sure you have at least 5 Ahoy Coins; the dirt blocks cost 5 (there's also a Wooden Set available for 10 that uses multiple commands in one package - I encourage you to try it out).
  2. Head to the Minecraft category in the Store.
  3. Find the item you wish to purchase and click the small drop-down arrow that appears when you hover over that item.
  4. Type in the amount you want to purchase and click Add to Cart.
  5. Select 1-Click Buy at the checkout (the other option's a bit horrible at the moment).
  6. Once purchased you'll be redirected to the Store again. Select My Shop Items on the left-hand side.
  7. Find the item you've purchased and click the More button on the right-hand side.
  8. Select Use Item on the item screen.
  9. Select Use Item again and confirm that that's what you want to do.
  10. The item will be used and you will receive a PM telling you how to retrieve your items.

Please test, test and test again. Like I said above, I'm aware that the process is complicated and unintuitive. That will change. It's just the functionality you're testing.


Thanks lads. Let's see how it goes! :D


P.S. To aid in testing, you've all been given 50 Ahoy Coins. Everything will be reset after all the testing is done (and calculated on your posts, if you're a subscriber, etc).

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Can we buy livestock? I'm sure me and jamie would love to start a piggy family <3


When I make my next bunch of packages I will add it in... which should be this evening.  I have loads ready to go up on to the shop.  On this note btw how much are you willing to pay for this sort of thing?  Just so I don't go too ridiculously over or under price :P

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I will be adding some more stuff into the store ASAP, we had to completely re-make the store so it should be finished in the next day or two hopefully. 

If you feel any items that should be added in and have been missed please just leave a note of them here and I will get onto it as soon as I can thanks. 

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How long does the it take to recive the item you have brought?? I brought a beacon -cuz there fun- abt 10 mins ago and havent got it yet.  :angry: 

Nevermind  :P 


Please dont add diamonds, they should be a thing that has to be earned. 

diamonds should be added

i dont know why, but they just should

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As of tonight I have added Stacks of Leather, TNT and a few other little bits to the shop.


I Have also adjusted the amount of gold and iron ingots you get per stack as well as adjusted the price, the same with a few other items, mainly gold and diamond armor tools. Please bear in mind that no prices are set in stone as of yet so if you feel something is over priced or under priced please make a note of this and message me, either on this thread or in a PM.

I may eventually add diamonds to the shop but I would prefer people to find them on their own, this way we can use items such as diamonds, emeralds and other obscenely rare items as a way for people to generate Ahoy coins by selling them to the shop.

Thank you for all the feed back so far, and any queries please feel free to PM one of us. 



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