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Air to Ground Cheese please!


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I had used my sleepy brain and came up with idea which i would like to share with you all. You know that feeling, that after each side mission is complete you are hoping for some serious CAS vehicle to spawn? Well, you can stop hoping now becouse i have some Do It Yourself solution always available to you!




I present you my genious invention which i call Flying Offroad Ordonance Dispenser (FOOD for shorts :P).





Step1: Get on teamspeak or form a squad to facilitate communications.

Step2: Increase your view distance in vehicle (so you can engage and lock far targets).

Step3: Take two (crazy) AT guys and loads of AT and AA missiles, which you shove in the trunk of an offroad.

Step4: Soar in the sky and rain down AT missiles from safe distance.


To be able to stand in the back with launcher ready to shoot i need to uneguip all weapons exept T-launcher, select turn out from action menu and then press "3".


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Thanks you guys for liking this idea! It really shows how sick you all are :P.


To  my knowladge, there is curently no offroad on Tanoa and Altis I&A bases suitable to be converted into FOOD. Luckily unarmed version of Prowler (and Qilin) have gunner seat where you can equip your launchers and fire away. These seats worked better for me as i could switch weapons freely, while in offroad i could not.


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We did that couple of times already on EU2 Tanoa.


Carry 2 Prowler unarmed - stuff it with rockets and drop them near AO.

another nice trick is:


Take the Hummingbird, load it with Titans, put 4 AT-Specialists on the bench and violá: Your own Gunboat...

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