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Grezvany13 ready to serve


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Hello AhoyWorld!


Since I've been playing on your servers a couple of times, I've figured it would be nice to introduce myself :)


My name is Johan (aka Grezvany13), I'm 30 years old (I know, prety old for a gamer ;)) and currently living in Germany although I'm originally from The Netherlands.


I've been playing the ArmA series (and Op. Flashpoint) as long as I can remember, and I've been hooked since the first time I've played it. Unfortunately I had some issues with ArmA3 after it got released, but with the recent 1.60 patch I'm finally able to play again (Alpha and Beta did work perfectly as well), so here I am.


Playing mostly in decent squads, and really like the milsim aspect (both in game and airsoft), I've managed to not only play ArmA2 for over 1000 hours (with ACE and ACRE), but also play multiple roles (from rifleman to platoon leader, from medivac medic to A-10 squadron leader) and types of gameplay (yes, I have to admit I've played DayZ mod ;)).


If you find me on #EU1 or #EU2, I'm probably running around as a medic trying to patch everyone up. On #EU3 I will take any role which is needed, although I will decline any leading roles (for now), since it has been a while. Or the medic role, since ACE3 Medical is still on my learning list.


I might not be able to play on a regular basis (my girlfriend wears the pants...), but I'll do my best to be at service.

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1 hour ago, Grezvany13 said:

I'm 30 years old (I know, prety old for a gamer ;))


Dear Grezvany13,


30 year of age is not that old if i remember well. Its been a few years since i was on that age. Im born in the time people used phones to make calls, porn was released in magazines, news published in newspapers and Prypjat a nice town in communist Ukraine. 


Anyways, welcome to the forums.

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BTW, I don't know if referrers get something extra here (like 5 seconds of infinite ammo, or an extra medkit in their loadout), but I found the servers and therefor community through the YouTube video's of Leutin.


Otherwise just kudos for him for showing how AhoyWorld plays and how much fun the game can be ;)

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Hey, welcome to AhoyWorld; good to see more Dutchmen or Dutchmen living in another country getting involved in the community - not like we have enough Dutch emmigrants in our community already; damn we Dutch are infiltrating everywhere.


If you're really interesting in the somewhat more serious and modded aspect of the game we also have another server called EU#3; Luetin has made some video's on it as well.





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