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Eagle-Eye reporting in


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Been playing on the Apex-server a few times now, today even +3 hours, so thought I'd hop in and introduce myself.


The name's Mathias, and I'm a 26 years old Belgian guy. Main passion is aviation, and as the XO of a virtual squadron in BMS a lot of my time is spent in (combat) flight simulations, but I've also played and enjoyed every OFP and ArmA there is, though I've only just begun venturing the online environment. On the server, I enjoy flying the most (obviously :P ), but if that's not available, I'll probably take on a marksman role.


To many more fun times.

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Ahh, you've been in the jungles of Tanoa have you? Have you fought the Viper squads yet? XD They're the nicest human beings CSAT has to offer...

Welcome to the community Eagle-Eye! We'll be needing your aim all over Tanoa Soldier, so get back to taking out some CSAT!

And, of course, welcome to Ahoyworld! :)

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