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Zeus Opportunities

Kyle Clements


So, as I am sure you all know, Luetin has been getting more and more popular on Youtube (congratulations btw) and this means the servers are getting more and more popular. Now. With this. Why not increase the overall quality of the Ahoyworld servers by adding Zeus to the regular I&A. This has happened before when I have been playing Eu 2 and Luetin joined. He didn't make a sole Zeus mission he just enriched the normal AO. This made the overall experience much more fluid and enjoyable and I think we could capitulate on this. So why not make this a thing? Of course I'm not saying to constantly have a Zeus on but for it to be more of a case of if one is available and is happy to do it. So for example, Liru (yes I'm using you as an example :D) could just, if he wanted to, jump on Eu 1 or 2 and enrich the missions by adding extra fluidity and objectives. I think this would benefit both the players and the community as a whole. But I want to know what you think. DISCUSS

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I think Ahoyworld is always looking for players to become more involved but getting to trust people with these powers is risky and time consuming. 
I guess i can answer this as how ahoyworld staff would answer this. : Get more involved with the community and report bad players. 


Right @David ?

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*cracks knuckles* The following is from what I have gathered in terms of admin testimony and my own personal experiences and conversations, forum poster discretion is advised... (not really but seriously, loooong post ahead here)

Before my time, I've been told that EU 1 and EU 2 DID offer public Zeus to players. Now how could that possibly go wrong? *laughter*
Zeus is a tool, and like all tools, such as a knife or letter opener, it can be used to make things more efficient and interesting. Zeus missions do really add a sense of unpredictability to a server, with someone pulling the strings of OPFOR to the point you might not even be shooting at an AI and it might be Zeus himself, or stumble into a well placed mine field, or see incoming CSAT choppers laying down reinforcements. But like all tools, they can be used for great harm: people spawning in a bunch of crap for themselves, people using it to spoil where unit positions are. With great power comes great responsibility (Sorry uncle Ben), and if everyone were to have such a great power, you'd just have freaking chaos...plus having a main AO, side AO, and a Zeus operation can tax the server as Amentes said.


If randoms wanted to host Zeus operations, they easily could! All they would have to do is follow this simple guide:

Nice and easy, and for the past few weeks I've been hosting events such as these in order to add variety to Ahoyworld. I'll drop a link to my latest operation below because shameless advertising but it can also serve as an example for how you'd want to format an event (sign up sheet, listing what you're doing, etc.)

Now, Kyle has mentioned that Zeus could be used by someone like me to easily spice up an AO in EU 1 or 2, and to be honest, admins and Spartans do this all the time to make things more interesting for its playerbase. The trick for being given such a title as I have just described, however, is to do exactly what Brandenburg and David mentioned right above this post: be active in the playerbase from gaming to TS to the forums, be a trust worthy member of Ahoyworld, report rule violations on the servers, forums, and teamspeak with the proper evidence to your local "Ahoverlords" (the admins) and just be a well respected player within the community :) If you keep a good track record of these actions, you'll easily become recognizable by everyone and, with some time dedication, you can get to one of those ranks. Trust is very hard to build in a virtual world filled with proxies, trolls, hackers, racists, etc., and thus you must understand that it is slow to build.


Whew, that was long! Thanks for reading!

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Always good if people are thinking of ways to make the server better.


To sum it up, we already have Zeus modules on the I&A versions, which are currently on EU#1 and EU#2 and currently we have the Admins and Spartan groups added to that module, thus as Zeus. The list of who is what can be found here.


As Brandenburg said - and Dave confirmed - as long as you're an honest and cool player and abide as much by the rules as you can we will catch wind of you - which might result in you being added to the so-called 'Spartan Program',  being social with people on Teamspeak and being active on the forums wouldn't hurt either.


On the subject of spicing up AO's , when possible and we feel like it we always try and make the fight better for you guys.

As Liru said, Zeus is but a tool, tools can break or break things, but don't be afraid. We do everything what we can to make gameplay with Zeus - or better said Spartan- online as smooth as possible and even have ways - offered to us by the glorious @mykeyrm -  to stress the server even less.


Hope all your questions have been answered either by me or the other lovely people who took it upon them to help you out.

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