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Greetings from Finland, everyone!

Thank you for the staff for a great chance to join such a pleasant gaming community, your work is appreciated!

I've been playing on EU1 & 2 servers for a while but I wanted to get a bit deeper than that, therefore I ended up to EU3, of which I am glad. The game has been quite a good buddy to me for six months now. I've got a lot from a finnish gaming group I still play with (Arma Finland, and I this is not advertising it, thought it might ring some bells for some of you), but I need an another group to play in english with. The immersion and humour just punches a lot better to me in that way.

I haven't been a lot on the field as a foot mobile in Arma 3; I've been a pilot in the gaming community, and I aim to be one here oneday (staff may poke me anytime [please] anywhere to put me on a driving test: choose me a chopper, load and the location and I'll fire the machine up. In God I trust advanced flight model and [and Valmet, Aaand Sako aaaan Lapua etc.). For those who just had the warning bells ringing after hearing me not having been on the ground a lot: Basic infantry habits and procedures I've got in Finnish Defence Forces during a one year training. I got trained as a coastal jaeger but due to my civil career I was pulled away from the field to Finnish Navy Band in which I served the rest of the service. Later I began to miss the military life but a wifey-kind and the career didn't allow me that anymore, so Arma offered me a chance of having some fun, thanks to Steam Christmas sales. :)

As a short description of myself, I count myself as a fair, brotherly mate aiding you in any way I can when you ask, and watching your back. By humour.. well, I'm a bit sarcastic and I'd count myself as a relaxed dude. If there's something I hate, it is injustice. There's absolutely no problem I see in standing in the line and following the chain of command and gaming rules and I'm not here for chest candies. Sometimes I may have issues understanding lazily pronounced sentences through a bit messy radio, but it's not that I'd be that stereotypical, introvert finnish guy! ;o I swear on my crappy car I buy with a loan I don't have yet, that if I ever sound unkind without you putting a niner mike-mike on my back, it's just propably a sarcastic joke that didn't work at all. That's me being the introvert finnish guy ;) 

 If you see me idling in TS, please come have a chit chat and see you on the servers!

       Pistolfreak over and out.

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