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Hey, I'm Grebez_


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Hey I've played on the servers a little but never really got into this community however I now hope to change this.


Little bit about me in case you find me and want to talk about something this is what I'll know about.

I enjoy Martial Arts, I currently study Kuk Sool Won, a hybrid Korean Martial Arts. I have recently come back after attending a European championship and gaining a Bronze, so now I'm training for the UK championship. I also train in MMA currently no professional record as I am only 16. I do these as I enjoy them and I am a better fighter than I am academic. I either hope to do this as a career or go for Royal Marine selection. 


Other communities I have been in are 40 Commando Milsim, and multiple Altis Life Servers but I am looking now for a more relaxed gaming experience and hope that Ahoy World can offer this. 


If you've got this far thanks for reading and I hope to talk to you all soon.


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1. Welcome to Ahoyworld, you'll quickly find the advantages of being on the forums wonderful (like being able to sign up for events ;) )
2. We need more melee combatants against CSAT, so we're going to deploy you in the jungles of Tanoa and you're  going to use your Kuk Sool Won to kick their arses.
3. Welcome to the community :derp-min:

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