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Tanoa - ASP Kir Question


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Hey everyone, I could do with a little help.

Been testing out the ASP Kir on Tanoa as I see little use for the Lynx due to the closer range engagements.

I have been finding that regardless of Optics and Range the Kir was firing very high and in some cases with almost 0 accuracy.
Tested it from ranges 100m-800m and in all cases up to around 600m I was still having to aim short of targets with a 300m ranged optic.

I would very much like to get a more detailed view and so would like to request some help in finding out if this is happening for anyone else, or if this has been others experience with any of the other weapons/optics.

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Hey Sniper (I've spoken to you on TS before, I'm sure you remember me!)

I don't know how much about the ASP you know but it is a unique rifle, and its inaccuracy is also the exact reason that it is so strong.

The ASP is the game's ONLY subsonic rifle (to my knowledge anyway). This means that when the bullet comes out of the end of the barrel, it is travelling under the speed of sound. The result of this is that yes, that bullet then becomes extremely susceptible to external forces like changing winds and extreme bullet drop disproportionate to range (because below the speed of sound that bullet, which happens to be very large, is loosing speed very quickly). This is why you shouldn't really be operating the ASP beyond 300 metres or so.

However the fact that it is subsonic is also its greatest strength. It means that when you fire the gun, the crack sound you're used to hearing as the bullet(s) fly over you (or if you're unlucky, into you) are invisible. It means you can get right up close and, because the rifle also has a built in suppressor, the enemy will have absolutely no idea where on gods earth you are if you're suitably camouflaged.

So TL;DR, the reason you're missing is because that gun is simple not designed to be operated past 200-300 metres (and even at those ranges it is rather inaccurate). Best stick to using it for medium range to relatively close quarters fighting.


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Mattadee - That is why this particular issue is confusing me.

The rounds are not dropping short..
Even at long ranges, respectively for the weapon, it is firing HIGH - beyond the target.

I know the way the weapon runs, I usually use it for Marksman style play during stealth ops, and have never experienced this problem before Tanoa dropped.

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Long range - for this weapon...

Talking above 400m up to and including 800m.
For some reason this weapon.. when I use it, is refusing to fire short....
It feels like regardless of range or optic I'm having to aim 200m infront of the target.

Tested it again with the DMS as I hadn't previously and it's working good.
It seems the issue was just on optics that couldn't range below 300m was causing something ODD to happen.

Good call Cebi.

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@xSniper1982:Ballistics of heavy 12,7 subsonic round has a greater curvature than supersonic projectiles. So when you take RCO, MRCO, ARCO which are zeroed for 300m you will need to aim below the feet of a target that is 100m away. At the range of 800m your bullet will hit the ground almost horizontally like a mortar shell so in order to hit a target at that range you would need a scope that can be adjusted for really small elevation changes and not 100m increments. Look at mortar sights, they are adjusting with page up/down by small increments.

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Guys - you seem to be missing the point here.....

I understand how the weapon works, and how the bullets are SUPPOSED to behave.

But they were not behaving as they should...
They were firing OVER targets at 600m when ranged at 300m.

That is the complete OPPOSITE of what it is supposed to do.

That was the reason for my confusion.

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I thought it must have been something strange in order for the experienced player like you to ask. Well, last time I had weird ballistics I let steam check files and it found one file corrupted. Then it was fine again.

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It seems just switching to the DMS is enough.

It gives me next to no capability at night as I can't use NVGs with it, but at least if there is enough ambient light I can effectively engage targets again.

Will try it again with other optics once Apex is full release, hopefully by then it will be back to normal.

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