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Sharkys [PID:76561197977860764]


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In-game name when banned: Sharkys

Why do you think you were banned? Admin Ban (BEC: GameHack #38)]‏
I have a few years ago, a game played name Civilation. 4
To speed up the laps in which I Used a tool.
Unfortunately, I had forgotten about this pure isotopes.
And followed a friend on the server.
So I was unfortunately banned on the server

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? Here I ask you for forgiveness.
Through my stupid  the tool to close earlier.
I never cheate online.und I am unfortunately only locked on your server.
I would again like to play with my friends on your servers.

thank you
Please excuse my bad english

Which administrator banned you (if known): I do not know

When were you banned: a long time ago

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