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Ahoy Thar Maytees


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Ahoy there,me name be Jocky :D I'm 18 years old,playing Arma since Operation Arrowhead(1k Hours). Joined AhoyWorld 5 months ago and registered on the forums 3 months ago (was just to lazy to post stuff) :P Mostly play on EU 2 as UAV Operator,you will see the landscape has changed since i joined cause of my lost GBU bombs,but i'm also the reason that Radio Towers went extinct on EU 2 ^_^ You can always find me on TeamSpeak if you want to play with me of have a chat. Meet a good amount of nice and experienced people that have helped me a whole lot (xSniper,Ezlan,Hoffie92,Shadow,Liru). Very glad to be a part of this community,looking forward to seeing you guys on the battlefield. ;) 


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Wait...why am I last? I know those other guys are great but... I'm just messing with y'all :happyderp-min:


It's finally great to see you here on the forums! Operate operationally and i'll see you in Tanoa!


P.S. I got a pick of all of us from the last operation!


(from left to right, Liru, Ezlan, Jockey, Shadow, xSniper, Hoffie92)


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