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PvE+P EVENT 6/24/16 4:00 pm (20:00 GMT)

Liru the Lcpl.

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Unfortunately, that seems to be changing now...


Recently, the local military has reported a massive increase of guerilla based attacks, from none at all to at least once a week. NATO has authorized a task force to land at Tanoa and deal with the threat...


We have no idea what to expect ladies and gents, but these guys seem much more organized than other guerilla groups. There's word from top brass that "there would be no surprises" is someone was pulling the strings... 


Satellite activity has revealed a location of possible guerilla activity, but we can't know for sure until we get boots on the ground. It's time to see what the hell is going on in Tanoa.



NATO Primary objectives:

-Eliminate the weapon cache: No one knows where and how these guerillas are being supplied, but destroying their source of weaponry would cripple their efforts for launching new attacks. Find their source of weaponry and destroy them.

-Find and eliminate ALL of their leadership: It's clear that someone is funding and supporting these Guerillas. Find them and eliminate them. Depending on who they are, we might need reinforcements at Tanoa...


CSAT objectives:

-On first contact, survive for 20 minutes: NATO has arrived much earlier than we expected. Any attempt to make long range communications with base could be intercepted, and our black ops here would be for nothing. We must ensure that transportation is properly set up for our departure as well as our final plans are put in motion with our new friends.

-Escape Tanoa: It's time to leave and regroup with command and let our work bloom into its full potential. At least one of us needs to make it out of here alive.




Did you read this right? Is that a PvP operation?!? Are those CSAT objectives?!?!?! Yes, yes they are. PvP is incredibly hard to balance, and so outright PvP isn't viable (especially with the negative externalities that can result of it), so instead, we're going to go a different route. FOR THIS OPERATION, FOR EVERY 6 NATO PLAYERS, WE WILL HAVE A CSAT PLAYER. Based on the numbers I generally get for these missions, we will most likely have 1-3 CSAT players, but who knows. More is better, and i'm hoping this operation will bring in a lot of interest so I can host more in the future.


To be part of the CSAT, you need to SIGN UP HERE VIA FORUM POST. It'll be FIRST COME FIRST SERVE via forum post order. If you sign up to be CSAT and are chosen, you will also need to be here 30 MINUTES EARLY on teamspeak and the server for a small orientation, some simple set up, and for you to get to know the AO you'll be hiding out in and such. If you don't show up when you're supposed to, i'll contact the next person in line and so on. Also, people that aren't CSAT in this operation will have priority for the next operation (if we all want to do this again).


If you are coming but don't want to be CSAT, please MAKE A POST HERE ANYWAY so I can take poll of who's coming to know how many CSAT players I need to bring into the server early for set up.


Special rules:

1. All standard Ahoyworld rules apply

2. CSAT have to stay in the AO until the timer expires

3. the first 3 CSAT players can be medics so they can revive each other. If CSAT players die, they must rejoin as NATO. Each CSAT player will have a different escape route, but there will be plenty of vehicles for the escape.

4. Escape routes will be covered with CSAT in the orientation

5. When attacking the AO, NATO can only use ground transport vehicles and unarmed helicopters for transport. If the escape phase begins, NATO can use any vehicles of their choice, and they will be at the base spawn.

6. NATO can only use NATO gear, and CSAT can only use CSAT gear, BUT NOT WEAR CSAT CLOTING OR CAMO. CSAT MUST wear stealth suits, helmets, and any armor of their choosing.


See you guys next Friday :)



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next operation
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24 minutes ago, Drakoy said:


I am new in ahoy world but have milsim experience would like to join if possible


All I ask is that you're on TS so I can give you the server info, and i'm sure there will be other members coming that you can link up with for a more milsim experience during this op. The more organized you are, the better the mission will play out ;)

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Alright, PLEASE BE ON THE TEAMSPEAK 30 MINUTES PRIOR TO THE MISSION. I've gotten a lot of messages recently about a lot more people "possibly" showing up, and running the numbers together, if all of them do show up, I MIGHT NEED TO ADD MORE PEOPLE TO THE CSAT TEAM. Hence I would need to flash train them on their role in the mission and make sure they're comfortable in the field. I will also consider the people who are FIRST IN THE TS to be part of CSAT if we need added room.


Also, if I could have some NATO and CSAT players record and upload their experience, that'd be great. I would love to make a video that also had links to both sides of the players' perspectives, and thus a viewer could see all spectrums of the action. Just a thought!

See you all tomorrow! And thank you so much for your participation!


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17 minutes ago, enxyo said:

join TS and you need the preview build for Tanoa. Thats pretty much it.

Specifically the sneak peak build, and I think we're all going to meet up in the EU 4 or Squad 2 channels because after this event is done Luetin09 will be doing his weekly Zeus operation.


It's going to be a zeus filled day!

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Basically what happened in a nut shell
Good PvP and PvE, good jobs all around, and hopefully a good time for everyone. In the process of linking peoples' POVs in the video's description. Stand by for seeing some events come up scheduled within a few days for times around 2 weekends for now.


Thank you so much for everyone that played, and stay tuned. We're definitely doing something of this caliber again with the changes that were discussed in TS in the debrief!

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