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EU3 Role Playing Campaign


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When the new equipment is released I want to launch a RPG campaign for players on EU3. I can keep the map modded/vanilla as well as vehicles. The new weapons will be useable by players WO the expansion if they spawn in or take from crates but Arsenal will not work for them. Mission Details: OPFOR Russians & Iranians have occupied an area rich in resources and fertile soil for their own gain, committing murder and small scale genocide to control their Occupied Zone for profit. This region has trade and protection treaties signed by BLUFOR nations. The Independent smugglers in the region control the shipment of cannabis from the islands through their gangs, to feed their families and communities. It has left them wealthy enough to purchase arms from dealers and CIA operatives to launch an insurgancy against OPFOR occupying their homes and taking what is not does not belong to them!


 Blufor players will assist in the smuggling of arms and prepping a LZ for BLUFOR SF and Vehicle support in the first mission, against player led squads of Opfor AI in the first 2 missions, after that all players are BLUFOR and IND except a squad of OPFOR Counter Insurgency Specalists with Air, Infantry, Armor and Arterilly support that can be called in until it is destroyed by ALLIED forces in missions. 

Players in certain squads will receive relevant information dossiers to assist role playing, certain information will only be made availible under relevant conditions. Doing recon or black ops operations for eaither faction will result in additional information that was otherwise withheld being released. After the first 2 missions players on opfor positions no longer needed will take control of vehicle platoons for Blufor or IND Gang Leaders and Smugglers.


Post in this thread if you are interested in playing, I will keep the modset the same as EU3 for player base ease, but a very small amounts of slots will be set aside for APEX owners if I need to use any new vehicles. Otherwise all equipment or vehicles will be accessable by players with Vanilla ARMA and the EU3 mods. I suspect the added weapons and units will be disabled in the ARSENAL system but spawning in that slot should work just fine for vanilla users, as it worked with the Air and Marksman Addons. If that changes I will adjust it accordingly. 

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