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Why mods are a confusing mess :/ (and a question)

Kyle Clements

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Hello guys. Recently I looked into joining the Eu 3 community but immediately hit a brick wall. MODS!!! *insert dramatic music here*. Now I am a generally inept person but that comes into its own when it comes to computers. Having been a console peasant for a few years I never got used to the technical jargon. And when I finally (after 4 years of saving) got my PC I was excited at the prospect of modding. I very quickly got used to the steam workshop. I am still at a loss as to how things like Armaholic works. And because of this a whole community of players (Eu 3) is locked off to me. And because of this I would like to ask why the server doesn't run on just the CUP modifications and other mods on the workshop. Thanks, Kyle.

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The Steam Workshop isn't exactly the best place to take server mods from, so we have our own repository that you can access through Arma3Sync. You can run the entire game through it and save profiles and mod layouts for quick access to all your favourite servers with specific modsets.


You can find a how-to right over here: http://ahoyworld.net/eu3/how-tos/


It auto-updates as well, but notifies before it downloads anything.


And as to why we use these mods instead of others, well, that's just preference. Some of it is quality over quantity, others are just what serves us best right now.

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Indeed, as Skull mentions, we don't run off Workshop.


In 99% of all cases, if you DL off the Repo, you can be sure that the mods will be accepted by the server.


Sometimes a mod gets updated, but #3 might hold off on applying that to the server; time constraints would be a common reason, someone has to do work to update the server.


If you run off Workshop, in that case, your client would auto update and you wouldn't be allowed on.


Also, not all mods are on Workshop.


Looking at Skyrim for example, the good stuff is either not there, or has reduced textures, or whatever else. It's very convenient, but it's also somewhat restrictive.

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