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Eu#2 Running Tanoa


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EU#2 has been switched to Tanoa incase y'all missed it ;)


To join this server right click on your Arma 3 in steam libary.
Select Properties.

Once In-game search for EU#2 connect. Enjoy.

Please note you will need ArmA3 Apex on steam to connect.

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Well it's about bloody time!!!

However, shouldn't our Ahoyverlords turn one of the spare servers into what EU 2 previously was for the time being for the influx of people that did play on EU 2 that do not have Apex? Basically, make a temporary extra EU 1 for the time being because EU 1 is going to be even more full than usual as people try to beat each other for that 59/60th slot that appears?

Just a suggestion, i'm just going to go my Tanoa and fight in my jungle...hehe...


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First thoughts..


Still a few things need sorting out 'base' wise. Doesn't appear to have the base protection on, which led to incidents of serious spawn killing last night (all reported, and hopefully, dealt with), and there appears to be an issue for some users with them not being able to see markers or the like on maps (Although, that may be more of a 'game' issue, than a I&A issue).


I think theres definitely something to offer for I & A on Tanoa, and I'm looking forward to the potential of other things to come on top of it.

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Really enjoying it so far.

Might want to have a look at the Parachutes though...
Jocky, Morgan and Myself spotted a Parachute just leisurely dancing in the treetops about 1km from base for over an hour, no AI or player in it, just the Chute itself.

I still think having the tall posts around the landing areas/helipads is going to cause some problems, and just tonight we experienced some rather...... unfortunate... Pilot choices when trying to sling a Prowler from the carpark - so perhaps some kind of cover (Camo netting?)over them could prevent more of the same.

I have already discussed the AA Laptop location and some small barrier around the VAS to prevent trolling in vehicles with a couple of staff.

Really nice to have a proper use for the boats, but was asked earlier if there was any way to refuel/rearm them...
So thought it'd be a good idea to mention it here.

Great work guys, looking forward to seeing it develop over time once it's finally released.

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