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Results of Fast Roping testing

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Here is what we learned about fast roping from the latest testing session.


1) it is by no means smooth and perfect.

2) optimal deployment height is around 35m. Higher and the rope may not reach, players will fall and get hurt. 

3) players can only fast rope up to two at a time. Trying to do more than this may result in the extra players ejecting.

4) the deployed fast ropes may or may not be available for use for subsequent fast ropers; we're not sure if it has to do with position in the helicopter.

5) the only helicopter which 100% has fast roping capability is the merlin. Other choppers may have to have it added by script or mission module.

6) players using a fast rope have no control over their speed of descent, or when / whether they release the rope at the end of the drop.


Based on all of this, the seemingly surefire way we could use fast ropes successfully is as follows:


1) helicopter slows to 0 kph and comes to 35m altitude. Pilot prepare fast ropes.

2) commanding officer deploys ropes.

3) commanding officer names the two players who will fast rope first. When ready, c/o instructs those 2 to drop.

4) 2 players fast rope. When they reach the ground, c/o cuts ropes.

5) go back to step 2 and repeat until all players have deployed. C/o deploys last.


This way, only 2 players have control over the process and there should be no incidence of ropes being accidentally cut while someone is fast roping. It seems wasteful (and stupid) to be constantly cutting ropes but it's just not consistent enough to work any other way.


- R 

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I'm disappointed you couldn't evacuate the entire chopper in one go, or in multiple people in sequence along the same ropes. It seems the only vehicle it'd be useful in is the little bird, and via script I couldn't get it to deploy ropes.


So yeah, still not ready for prime time I think.

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i seem to remember a stint with fastroping a while back on altis (i believe the horrible ressults can be witnessed in the "we are ahoyworld video") wich was not a pretty sight to witness! :P but also, as you stated, the height on that try looks to be more than 35m tho :P

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