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In-game name when banned: Barney

Why do you think you were banned? I was new to arma and got banned for TK'ing. I now have over 1500 hours and can actually differentiate between teammates and friendlies without hexagons or any other external assistance. I do apologize!

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? I know now exactly how to play the game, Im a really nice person and spoke to Ryko on ts about it. I think I should be given a second chance and be able to play with all my friends and wont be TK'ing again!

Which administrator banned you (if known): Not sure

When were you banned: At least 3-5 months ago, it doesnt say..

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Says UID


Not sure but: 

*redacted GUID*





These are the numbers I could find!



Edited by PERO
Redacted GUID for safety reasons
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I am giving you another chance, it seems you are being honest about it.


Note: you are only given one chance, if you break the rules again, the punishment will be reinstated.


Ban appeal SUCCESSFUL.



Community Referee

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