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MSO Godhand Session #2 17/06-2016 1630GMT


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So following our initial supply of the FOB and subsequent probing of a nearby town, session two is more aimed of getting situational picture and retaking the town of Hysad where Alpha previously had to pull out from because of fierce resistance.

This session will be more combat oriented with LOGI taking the supply role in an advanced temp-fob near the town of Hysad. A more detailed brief will be included by tomorrow before 2100GMT.




Info\Briefing Thread

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10 hours ago, SkullCollector said:

How will the persistence work for players who aren't assigned their previous slots?

Youd spawn at basecamp. But if anyone used the player exit mid battle they are going to spawn in the middle of wherever... 

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If you remember your slot from last time youll have presedence over anyone who signed up afterwards, doing slots a but diffrent this time i.e: people who played last time joins the slot they where in and new people can fill inn any voids.



3 hours ago, oytZach said:

Hey, I missed the last op. Can I join this one today? Is there anything I have to do?

Yes you can join if you have read my initial post and downloaded the mods.

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