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In-game name when banned: UseLNV

Why do you think you were banned? The new MP mission developer accused me of hacking (12 hours in trialing his new EU2 work). Which I do like, by the way.

Why (in your personal opinion) should your ban be lifted? Dear AH Team (EU1/EU2),

The new EU2 developer insta-banned me, as I was playing. He claimed I was hacking.

Tonight after dinner, I logged in and played for an hour or so, and then the said developer sent me 2 lines of the "I see you hacking" type (I was being flown back from AO, after playing with the TS-logged group in Ahoy Worls TS channel). So I had a chat with the said developer in-game and thenon TS, again I could not convince him. So this is my case.

Basically: I did not hack, alter code, etc. or anything. I can barely browse the internet, let alone play with scripts. Today I was customizing whatever loadouts I prefer playting with. I've been playing a lot for the past 4 months, so I carried over my VAS loadouts to Arsenal.

I simply wanted to adapt to the new type of mission in EU2 which came out today, which deleted the VAS functionality (among other things). Up until June 1st I've been extensively using VAS and had pre-setup loadouts (a dozen), all functional in both EU1 and EU2. Today June 1st I carried over some my loadouts from VAS in EU1, saved them in Arsenal there and loaded up to in EU2. And basically today I started using only Arsenal.

I realise some players avoid using certain weapon combinations or garments for their own personal reasons, but my loadouts were simply following the framework of Arsenal. For example, so far I've been an enthusiastic Zafir MG user, with many of my loadouts utilizing it. But because the new EU2 mission did not allow for it as before, I had to make some changes. I realize that some folks (incl. the said developer) may want to be all tactical with their ArmA experince and appearance. I do sometimes, but not always. It is a personal preference issue of the player. So far in EU1/2 I've never seen/heard of players banned "for hacking" merely due to their loadouts, VR suit, etc. Especially with no plausible warning whatsoever (as in my case).

I've been playing in EU1/EU2 for a long time and I have also purchased premium content to enjoy even more (helicopters, marksmen and Zeus). So I have invested my money to enjoy this wonderful game. My steam name is: USERLNV (COSTAS) and one can see how much I basically play ArmA3. Check my uploaded images as well.

I hope your team understands that this is a terrible misunderstanding.



Which administrator banned you (if known): Chuck

When were you banned: 01 June 2016 (23.45ish UK time)

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After speaking the alganthe (the Dev you are speaking of), he said you shouldn`t have been able to get a Zafir as a marksman, hence why sent you those messages and you got banned in the end.


I will give you another chance because I know you from before and you never caused any issues. You might have unknowingly (or not) used a mission exploit to get the gun you wanted.


In future, report issues to admins or alganthe, but use common sense and use a rifle suitable for your class.


Ban appeal SUCCESSFUL.



Community Referee

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