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Zeusing in Arma


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I have played quite a few Zeus missions by now, pre-made and spontaneous. I even have done some myself.


But i can't seem to wonder why some people take so long on creating a single mission while others just reach for their ass and pull out an amazing mission. 

In my experience the mission pulled straight from someones ass are most of the time more fun to play than pre-made missions. I have never had the problem myself cause i usually pull them out of my ass. 


My question to you =; " How do some people take so long setting up a mission and they are such a disappointment? " (No not because i dislike the type of mission) 


Not saying all pre-made missions suck. 

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No name shaming here guys. (because I know exactly where this might lead to)


As a Zeus and someone that's seen Zeus operations done from 15 different people over the past few years, I can honestly say that it depends on the Zeus and mission circumstance. Most Zeus gamemasters can pull any sort of attack or defense mission out of their ass within 5-10 minutes (especially with the Ares mod), and throughout the rest of the mission spawn is additional units and vehicles to make the mission enjoyable and a challenge. Some Zeus game masters (like me ^_^) prefer to spend a good few hours of pre planning a mission and making sure every little detail is covered so the mission is enjoyable and/or challenging for everyone. Whether or not it becomes a success or a flop depends on personal preference in the end.


It also comes down to whether or not the Zeus is balancing the mission according to the player's playstyles and skill levels. If I'm hosting for a group of 20-30 people that play ArmA casually, I'm not going to make them take on a full battalion of mechanized CSAT because that's way too much, and vice versa for giving a skilled group of 40-50 players a few squads of infantry to take care of.


TL DR: It varies on the Zeus and what the players want to get out of the experience. :D

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Where might this lead to? (you're obviously pointing at something but not saying it. That's actually worse then saying it cause you let people run there mind true everything.).


Well pulling a defense or attack mission is just easy: spawn in a base and drop in AI.  But when i hear you say  "i like to spend a good few hours" i'm sitting here thinking why the hell not just make the mission in 3d editor and host that. 

No Zeusing will be needed that way and the mission can be put in the community scenarios so that everyone can play the mission. Yes you might support it by Zeusing but if you plan it correctly not Zeusing should be needed.


I have done this a couple times my self and tested it works fine. (but you have to test it either yourself or with ai) 


Considering being a Zeus and not using Ares you should not be Zeusing (Not using Ares while Zeusing is having a gun but no bullets.)



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The most amazing example of good Zeusing that I've ever seen was Zissou's "Sarcastic Lightning" or him placing a giant, rusty boat in front of the heli spawn, just for me to land on it, glitch through and die.. ^^


One does not have to make big, fancy missions to entertain others and make them laugh.. that's for sure, lol.

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In all honesty,Mr. Z might have the looks and the power,

but he has nothing compared to the great wizard of madnezz magix named Pepperman !

rusty boats :rolleyes: mwhehehe


lo and behold


long live the Quee ... the King of Norwayski !

//offtopic end



Brandenburg does have a point tho,if your mission gets "to big" its propably not worth hosting it on a pub server that does cost money,therefor making it a COOP mission might be a better solution (on Luetin/EU4/self-hosted).

Most likely,you will grow on each time you host a ZEUS event and talking to other ZEUS´s will help sure too.


Interesting ZEUS missions are very rare (to me) as usually (on EU1) there will be no lead structure given out (except the usual pro TS team) and once the first shots are fired every logic has been shot too which defeats the point in enjoying taking part in most ZEUS missions ... (to me).

Then i hate getting enemy units spawned in my sector i just passed by and having to wait for a medic thats "smart" or "illiterate" enough to pass over the usual 2k off position my dead body rotts face in the dirt!


But,as you see,everyone has different take-on´s and likes and favours certain scenarios - so therefor expect not 100% likes from everyone taking part/being there - but always strive for getting closer to the 100% by knowing your playerbase ...




What was my point to post here?

Oh yea ...




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The difference as far as I have noticed is that some Zeus' plan a mission for a long period of time, for how they would execute the mission and then doesn't adapt to the amount of players playing the mission and their play style, where as the missions that are made within minutes are usually tailored to the people online and how they are playing, which usually gives a better result. The really good missions are when both is done. Both well made story and preparation and then properly adapted to the players at hand. 

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