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[MOD REQ] GPNVG-18 Panoramic Night Vision Goggles

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Simple one, the night optics offered by this mod are far superior to anything we have available at the moment. Offers a much wider field of view, something that as a pilot flying at night is very useful. 

Armaholic Link

There is the added benefit they look pretty awesome but they primarily serve a proper function. Also it's only 15mb so doesn't exactly add loads to the repo.



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Ahhhh the goggles that helped the SEAL's take down Bin Laden.


I personally won't use these that much, I tend to replicate my gear realistically based on what I'm playing as and seeing as these are used mainly by Special Forces like Nightstalkers, SEAL's and Delta etc which I don't tend to replicate I wouldn't see much service from them. However I can see how they would be useful for pilots but I'd much prefer using the monocle NVG, hopefully that eventually gets one side of the screen NVG and the other side regular view so I can see my controls and runway lighting naturally, helps judge distance and what not.


TL:DR; I don't really care whether or not these are added.

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