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i m porting your invade and annex mission (2.85C) to RHS 0.4.1 for my squad, it is nearly completed but i have some things that need to be fixed and i got no clue on how to do it.

  1. Turret Locking for the uh-80 ported to the RHS uh-60 and ch-47, i enabled the actions, but i can't find the right arguments to give to the uh80turret function call in uh80turretactions.sqf
  2. Players are not added to zeusEditableObjects, well in fact some are after an undetermined period of time. All are synced with the curator objects, and the addCuratorEditableObject call in onplayerespawn.sqf and initplayerlocal.sqf are still there.
  3. Side Missions tends to hangs quite often : i changed the reward spawn to CAN_COLLIDE, but it's still hangs
  4. Sometimes new AO do not spawn after an AO completion.
  5. This is probably related to RHS but when you eject from a RHS plane, your chute got dropped and you free fall to death (most of the time).


Just a little thing, you forgot in fn_ptenenemyeast.sqf to add spawned units to zeus.


url to git repo i m currently working on : https://github.com/bgillissen/ia_rhs/tree/master/ia_rhs/AW_IA_RHS.Altis


Thanks in advance for your support

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i Fixed point 2, i had to do the addCuratorEditableObjects call into the initplayerserver.sqf file, like this :

     _x addCuratorEditableObjects [[_this select 0],true];
} forEach allCurators;




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