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Hey Guys,


I would love to see you guys do a Vietnam version utilizing the Unsung War Mod Bravo edition. It seems like a nice set of maps, gear, units, weapons, vehicles, helos, and planes. I can attest that the PPsh-41 and Mosin in the Unsung War Mod make Massi's versions look and sound like crap.

The Unsung War Mod is standalone requiring nothing else loaded to play. The only caveat that I can think of is that you can not get it from the Steam Workshop as the devs dont agree with the Valve EULA having to do with mods uploaded to the store. 


Here is some media about the Bravo release.







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I was actually intending it for I&A3 since I&A 3 seems to have a more dynamic flow based on the documentation I have read. 


The Vietcong and NVA sound perfect for attacking bases and such. Combined with the Emplacements and so on on the American side....it would make for a cool theme.


Not to mention that the Unsung War Mod works with any terrain. You do not have to use the Vietnam maps that come with it. 

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