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UH-80 Miniguns



Would it be possible  to spawn UH-80 without 6.5 ammo for miniguns or have turrets locked by default in next version of I&A?


I mainly pilot Huron on the servers and I can't even count how often I have been badly damaged by friendly fire from those.


Even when the pilot of UH-80 is on Teamspeak they often even don't understand how lock feature works. 

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On 20.3.2016 at 5:36 AM, zissou said:

It's not going to be easy that's for sure but we're trying to instil a more proactive attitude towards piloting on the servers so the intended results should be worth the effort. It's not a huge issue the turrets and admins have methods of finding out who the door gunners are it's simply making the pilots captains of their ship. We want to see proactive pilots taking ownership of their responsibilities and not using the helis as throwaway as they are being used now.


in response to


And about the chopper  turrets,wouldnt it be easier to spawn them with "locked" guns by default?

init line ftw :ph34r:




i´ll leave this here ...


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Well, then I guess a whole lot of "captains" fail miserably.

Sadly it is not only those "my keyboard disconnected" kids. Will report these incidents next time it happens to me without remorse i guess.

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