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John McClane

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5/28/2016 6PM EST

Hello everybody, i will be doing a basic flight school for I&A this week.


Anybody can be a good pilot, you do not need a joystick or TrackIR. I started flying with my mouse and keyboard when Arma 1 was released i then flew with TrackIR and a logitec G940 which was awesome :) but now that those no longer work after 2 years abuse im back to my mouse and keyboard. 

Dslyecxi from shack tactical fly's with mouse and keyboard but he has TrackIR. Now If you have a joystick you do have a pretty decent advantage and better control on your landings, but if the approach is proper, a landing should be pretty simple. And like they say practice makes perfect, if the servers are empty or you are board hop on the editor and fly around push your self and find ways to make your flight safe. 


You will not receive any kind of special treatment over others when it comes to who gets a pilot slot!!!!


This is gonna be done on my own private server run off of my computer (10 Slot's) Maybe EU 4 if it is available.  


If you are not able to land/take off without autohover, i suggest you practice more in your editor and join us the next time i do one of these. 


Things We will go over! (Basic's)

- Choosing the right helicopter for the job!

- Safe flying habits for around the base!

- Choosing a LZ!

- Choosing a mental flight path!

- Taking off!

- Flying to the objective!

- How to evade enemy AA jets!

- How to approach the LZ

- How to land at a LZ!

- Coming back to base!

- Approaching the base!

- Landing at the base!


Note some of the thing's i will teach you might push you past your comfort zone, but its gonna be just us in the server so if you do mess up just learn from it, thats the point of using the editor and little classes like this.



Get in while you can, depending on my work schedule i might be able to do 2 in one day. 

- 1 [Liru]

- 2 [CobaltCat]

- 3 [PO57Code]


- 5 [Tony Pestroni]

- 6 [Anyone]

- 7 [Stian]

- 8 [OPEN]

- 9 [OPEN]

- 10 [OPEN]


Next week we will cover the basic's of flying CAS and the AA jet. 



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On the subject of peripherals, I'd add that the single best thing you can do for your flying, is to get a pair of pedals for yaw control. Unfortunately, I don't think a "good" pair of pedals even exist; to my knowledge, nobody makes any. That said, a cheap pair is a worthwhile investment. Just remember to lock your wheels if you're on a rolling chair :)

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