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Hello everyone! I'm Huahuawei (as seen). I'm from Finland, Northern Europe. New to the Ahoyworld community and really any kind of community. I heard of Ahoyworld from Luetin as many others have as well I suppose, and from the EU#1 Invade & Annex server. I'm mostly interested in militaristic shooters, simulation, and open world games. If I'm playing ArmA 3 you will most likely find me at the EU#1 server. I don't usually use voice comms but I may very likely sometime check the EU#3 server. I don't really have that kind of specialities like editing, recording or such. I am thinking of going on a scripting lesson in the future so I could learn some basic coding but we'll see I guess. That's all of that I guess. Be sure to holla at me if you see me. I'm up for a chat any time ;)

Motto: Keep calm, and return fire.

Steam account: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198085144207/

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