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Arma EU3 TvT game night: May 18, 19:00 GMT


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When: Wednesday May 18, 19:00 GMT (15:00 EST)

Server Opens 15 minutes before

Mods: Standard EU3

Player Count: 30 each side

First person lock: Yes

Loadouts: Pre-set

Mission Length: 60 minutes (probably 2 rounds)

JIP: NO YES (there are respawns, so JIP is fine)


The mission for this Team vs Team night will be Advance and Secure, a new mission mode based on the popular mode from Project Reality.  It is a sector control mission, where BLUFOR and OPFOR teams have an hour to secure five sectors.  The sectors must be secured in order, and each team has 100 respawn tickets; when the timer reaches zero, or one side runs out of respawn tickets, the mission ends, and whoever holds the most sectors is the winner.

There are no signups required for this game night, rather it will be first come, first served.  However if you're interested in attending, post a comment to that effect in the thread so I know how many cookies to bake.


This variant of the AAS mission is Infantry versus Infantry. The mode is set up on two maps: Takistan and Zargabad, so we'll play whichever receives the most votes. On both maps BLUFOR is US Army: on Takistan, OPFOR is Russian Spetsnaz, and on Zargabad OPFOR is Takistan militia.  Both teams have access to basic vehicles to get around; the map size is about 2km by 2km.

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