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Pcars - Solution to the GT3 car issue


Formula B?  

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So this is very out of the blue and mid-season kinda sucks.

However we've a suggestion to fix the current car issue.

We change the season to Formula B cars. As of next weekend. This weekend will be the last of GT3 *Unless you'd rather do it this weekend*

The point board would be null'd to zero once this change takes place. And we will race the rest of the season on the new points. With Dave being the winner of the GT3 section.

All current active season members must vote. The winning vote shall win. Hopefully without any major fall outs.

Please vote.

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I agree with Formula C. They are a lot less sensetive than B while still being fast. I can see a lot of people frustrated by B. The C cars you can drive hard without having to be so cautious on throttle. The C cars also have a 40L fuel tank which will add to strategy. Only 1 dry tire type tho.

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Well if we're going to switch can I suggest a few more changes?

2 pit stops

Longer qualifying

Random weather with more slots on shorter tracks.

Slightly longer races.

More bonus points most improved position.

An agreement that when we change we stick with the changes.

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