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Website Ahoyworld is slow?


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I'm experiencing allot of long loading times on the website. 


  • Pages take long to load 
  • logging in takes long
  • Posting a comment on topics
  • Applying for memberships doesn't work every time (form after donation)


I know i'm not the only one. 

But i was wondering if this is the case because of the distance between the uk and the Netherlands or that it's just the server host. 




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Its not to do with distance, the website is having many technical difficulties which i do not know the extent of. But hopefully the slow loading times and SQL errors should be fixed with the new upcoming website.

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We know, we discussed it in the meeting. We're working on the new website which is going to be running new forum software, new hosts and also a new domain (.net). The issues have arisen due to the current hosts updates and incompatibility.

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