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Gamenight 13/5 Ghosts 2000GMT


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So did a bit of a different style of mission this time, its centered around planning\situation awareness and is aimed at 32 players + zeus.


Zeus isnt going to add anything other that delivering us to the objective as how the mission is currently setup and is more of a sneaky,plan then attack style mission any helicopter assets would either have a reaaaaaaly long boring wait or alert any AI of our presence if the take it upon them to do a low flyby of an Objective.



With that out of the way lets talk mission specifics and a completely made up backstory.


Mission Parameters 

Team setup: 6x4-Man Force recon teams.

Loadouts: SET + medical crates for additional supplies if you deem them necessary.


Respawn: NONE + spectator.


Mission planning is done ingame with the teams selecting one of the 6 objectives, one of the objectives is recon until the other teams arrive tho you could be brave and try it without support...


Chopper insertion, it can only land 3 times due to wanting to spend as little as time as possible in the "hotzone"


ASR AI will be field tested on this mission.






Sharani Military has requested help from AWOPS to help take out and otherwise weaken a militia group that is recieving funding by a organization interested in destabilizing the nation of Sahrani. AWOPS has detached 6x4 Man force recon teams with USgear to help.

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