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So.. What do you use to play?


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I know a few of us who play a fair bit together on the AW servers talk about what setup we use to play Arma (and other things, of course).


My question to the members at large, what setup do you use? 


At the moment, I use the following..9M9gIF8.jpg


HP Elitebook i7 2830QM, gives constant 25fps on Arma, however, I will be upgrading over the next week or so to the following..


http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/YHHWYJ - No GPU at the moment, as I'm waiting for the GTX1070 to hit the shelves. :D

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Seeing - as Josh pointed out - already have a thread on what people's setups are like I will be locking this thread; as otherwise we would have two identical threads, which would surely lead to a bit more chaos for the people trying to manage and the people trying to use the forums.


~ Please use the link posted by Josh above.

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