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AhoyWorld Rocket League Tournament!


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Ahoy my fellow AhoyWorld'ers!

Today I bring you the first of our Rocket League tournament!




It will be 3vs3 gameplay on normal settings.


The format will be knockout with randomly selected teams playing a best of 3 match against another team. 

The winner of the first match will move forward to the next round with the loser moving into playoffs for 3rd place.

(Or so I think.)

This format is not final yet as I need to see how many teams we get signed up to see how the tournament can pan out.


I've not date as of yet or time for the tournament however I may set it up to be played over a weekend long, with teams having Friday/Saturday to play there first round games with Sunday being reserved for finals. However this is undecided and we may just fit it into one day if all teams can agree on something.


Anyway for now get your team together and sign up using this form:





Team Wolfpack - Josh, Oderus, Miksi

Agatha Knights - Jason, Iain, Baby Bear


Looking for a team (Feel free to contact each other):

Pac of Man

Brother 52





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Like this a lot, gonna be a load of fun. Idea though, maybe change the mutator settings for some of the games? Like you could have classic for the first game, ice hockey for the second and basketball for the third.

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Would it be possible for someone to use the spectator cam and stream it so we could watch.

i'll be streaming my games. I'll try get into other games aswell to stream them

I would but I cant commit myslef to be online at certain times :(

sign up anyway?

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I've updated the original post with current teams and people who are looking for a team. I will keep this up to date as more people apply and as people form teams. Please contact people and try form teams together! Otherwise i'll just end up scrambling everyone together.

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