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Agree to disagree


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Shall it be white or black? Should we pick gray instead? We just dont agree what colour to pick and so we have a problem..do we?

There might be valid arguments for both of them colours but i just want what i feel best. Theres a solution, even better, multiple solutions. We can choose from several options we-dont-like but it seems we stand in front of eachother just wanting what we want... a certain colour. Time is ticking and we need to hurry.


How are we going to tackle it? I can start getting angry and start shouting, getting what i want by overpowering the other. A showoff of my madness and trying to intimidate. But is that what i want? Do i want to get into a conflict just becouse of the colour? Do we split up just becouse we disagree of something so small? On the other hand, if i give up...it will be white and everytime i see it i get confronted with my loss. We clearly disagree, we agree on that.


Hmmm, what about sabotage? Just agree and let it fail...but what if i get cought? Theres not much time so i have to do it poorly prepared sabotage. We have never spoken about colours so far and to be honest...ok and: we know eachother for about a half hour and maybe well never meet again.


What should i do? Can someone help me out? What would you do?


I surrender, its going to be white. Its good to see a happy face becouse i gave in. Ill just have to get used to it. It was a bit silly, but its becouse of my stubborn ego!

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I say we make it pink and put sparkles on it :DDDD Especially for Slick, i know how he loves pink and sparkly objects. :P


what did i miss? 


:huh:sorry sunshine thats a no on the pink


i  do love pink " objects " tho but they only sparkle when they are moist and the light hits em just right  :P

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