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Let me introduce myself


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Hello ladies and gentlemen,


My Ingame name is P4R4S (pronounced Paras - yes the 4 stands for A not a R2D2 or C3PO thing :P).

Im 22 year old and from the SouthWest of Germany.


Im mainly playing shooters and survival games but also allmost everything except of all what concerns sportgames (like racings or soccer or that shit).

I can say I growing up with gaming and would call me a real Gamer and I played a lot games in my life mainly for PC and PlayStation.

But Im not a pro gamer at all but I think also no noob something in between :D

I have no favorite game but I especially like the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series also the Borderland series, Killzone 1 - 3 and yeah ArmA 3 of course too.

What belongs ArmA 3 - I play it for I think over one years now and collected over 500hours of playing this game in this time. I played the campaign, KotH, Altis Life, Epoch and than a friend told me about Invade and Annex and since I think two months Im also in this mode active. My biggest weakness is flying - I can't it and I hate it in allmost every game at least on PC. I prefer be a passenger or driver in land vehicles :D ... yeah ... and I play DayZ Standalone too ... but it's more a ArmA 2 thing and a more sad career.


Iam most of the time a very kind, helpfull and a funny guy but sometimes I also getting mad and insufferable or muddle-headed but I most give my best :)

Im not the biggest teamplayer because I sometimes prefer solo or have problems to thrust into teammates (it's not a personally thing) but that not changes my loyalty to my people ;) ! If you need me I at least try my best to be there.


yeah ... what remains ... hmm my english is maybe not the best but I think it's acceptable ... at least when I write and not speak it - because my pronunciation is awfull and my speaking contains a lot of this "eh" and other breaks and sometimes I have problems to understand or take to long to understand what the people say so I prefer writing - that's the main reason why I stay away of TS - another reason is my concentration would suffer under this condition ^_^.

Hey but writing is a good point I think I write to much so I better stop now before somebody gets hurt :lol:




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