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Who the hell is LexMonster?


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(This is short bio/introduction for the people that do not know me)



My name is LexMonster. My RL name is Alex. You can call me Lex. Most people do.

I just  joined the community serveral days ago.

I live in Austria. Yea that small state next to Germany.

My native tounge is German but i had like 10 years worth of english classes so my english is pretty much as good as my german.

I am just 17 years old and am still in school. At least for the next 6 weeks. After that i am done for good.

I play Arma since Arma 2 came out and clock in at arround 400h in ArmA 3 alone.

I mostly play on the I&A server EU#2 and there i am either UAV or Pilot (when possible).


I think thats all you need to know. So yea. Thats me.

Special thanks to Sniper and Matt.

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