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fob missions


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Have to say  that after last setting  change Fob mission are so good  that  they become unplayable ...  first  thing is  rezzing of  trucks ...  its  a mess ...  you have to try few times  one after another ... until  you find  current active car.  

Even if you find it, not end of  problems ...  you can star a mission  ride for some time  and then  new truck is spawned so  you have to start it  again ...  and  again ... and again  ;/

Last problem  that im  see is that after another mission settings change its almost impossible to finish  that without  ei  will kills  you  ...  i try few times  changing strategy and paths, so as i think less experienced players have no chance

If  that was idea to change  old repair points at fob's  that have to be established  ... its not working well ... only a handful  players trying to to this mission ... its extremely rare  to find a partner  that will provide fire support 

I suggest  to rethink  this  idea   and  last changes..


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The FOB missions work perfectly - apart from the finding of the right truck - If you take the time to set up a convoy.

3-4 people in Hunters or Marshall (to maintain a good speed) and you will succeed almost every time.

Make sure you have a Medic and a Repair spec in a follow vehicle to pick people up/fix the truck.

There's nothing wrong with how the missions work, it just takes a little patience to find a team.

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