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Behalf on arvobrendon


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I see now I understand how EU server 1 works

I been playing in EU server 2 well people are more teammate then server 1

I was happy that chuck you a coward you can ban me everywhere you like if I get piss off if one day your account gone I don't no who did it

I still have to thank you for banned me EU 2 server was fantastic

It's great that you have 2 servers

One for team killing

And another server for

Teamwork and real man

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Let's try this again shall we?

I was not around when this originally kicked off unfortunately however I am here now, I would kindly ask you cease spamming our forums and private message system.

What is the problem you see and how do you think we could have handled it better?

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I haven't been hacking for years should give a try and put a troll face


My advice for you my dear hackmelo: 


Be honest and dont drool on the floor, its just cleaned and polished.


Go find urelf some work and maybe an education in some sort of creative work like painting.

You will find out it works satisfying creating something positive and maybe harvest some compliments. It will do good to find out you can develop skills everybody appreciates ... and without any extra efford you can contribute to mankind on a positive way.

You can express yourself and your feelings, tell people about it in colours without using the words.

It will make you a better person and if youre really talented you might get famous for your work.

If you fail: you can blame me...if you get rich and famous: keep the credits, you dont need to mention me.


Now goodbye, have fun and be nice, it makes life better, really it does

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